Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Science today!

Science Today!

When I poured the liquid into the cylinder the water was the same amount as the water in the beaker. The beaker can hold more water than the cylinder. The beaker can hold MORE.  The volume does not change- the shape changes. Same amount of liquid.
The modeling clay weighs the same whether it is a ball or a giraffe-- same amount of matter!
Solids- frog, chair, desk,
Liquid- lemonade, water, oj
gas- helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide

She is not correct!  Her blood is a liquid, her bones are solids, and she breathes gas. All three states of matter are in her body!
CUBE of steel vs CUBE of foam!
steel is denser because foam is light and airy~ foam can be easily broken! 

It has air bubbles in it!

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