Friday, December 1, 2017

Robinson Woods

On Monday (10/20/17) we had a field trip to Robinson Woods.
We learned about different of type of awesome mushrooms. Oh such as Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Shelf Mushrooms, and one mushroom looked like a brain.  Mushrooms are fungi! Mushrooms are also decomposers. Other decomposers are worms, rolly pollies, and beetles. We learned that there have been so many fallen trees! So... why isn't the world covered in trees? Because the decomposers break the log apart so that eventually the log turns into soil.  MUSHROOMS are awesome!


All About Maine


Mt. Katahdin is in Baxter State Park and it is 5,268 feet tall. It is the tallest mountain in Maine. Oh! I guess you don't know what I am talking about. I will tell you! This week my class learned all about Maine. We looked at a Maine Map. We learned where places are like... China! the town... Biddeford! and even Lewiston! We learned what camp ground look like and what US Route 1 looks like! I learned so much about Maine that I didn't know before! I can't wait to learn more!


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Book Bag Project-- Due November 1st

Paper Bag Project

Using a chapter book you have recently finished, you will create a paper bag report.

Materials:Paper Bag, Bag, Brown, ...
Paper grocery bag- or larger gift bag
crayons/markers/pictures - computer to type
Craft materials, construction paper, etc.

Due Date: November 1st!


On the front of the BOOK BAG draw- or create- a scene from the book.  Be sure to include the title, author and your own name. All writing should be spelled correctly and neatly printed.

On the back of the BOOK BAG- choose a main character and describe him or her. Make a visual represenation of this character.  Write words that describe the character. Tell the problem and the solution in the book. Tell the setting.  Where did the story happen? What time year- period?

Inside the bag- put 6 objects that represent the important events in the novel or aspects of the characters’ personalities. Three 3 of the objects MUST be handmade.

Place a copy of the book (if possible) in the BOOK BAG.

Review the scoring sheet - to see how your project will be graded.

You will be presenting your project to the class.

You may ask an adult for help. Plan out your ideas ahead of time. Maybe you want to make a rough draft or a sketch. Use the STORY MAP to help you plan.

Have FUN and be CREATIVE!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Science THIS week! by LA

In our class we watched a video called the Rotten Log. We learned about - when a log falls over, lots of animals come and eat it. Also, a log is home to lots of animals. Some of the animals that come are worms, mushrooms and bacteria.  When it is done there is lots of dirt and lots of plants grow in the dirt.  by LA

The Rotting Log

This week in Mrs. Bucci's AMAZING class we learned why the earth isn't covered with dead trees.  The earth isn't covered with dead trees because there are things called bacteria and decomposers. These are fundamental because they recycle the dead trees. Decomposers use white tentacle like things that absorb their food! The next part of this cycle is the decomposers turn the tree into the soil and the next plant can grow. This is why I think this cycle is fascinating.  by SF

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fire Drill

When I walked into the room there was a substitute teacher. She said 5 more minutes until the fire drill. It was close. It began... 3 more minutes, then 2... then 1. Then the speaker went on and said "Be quiet when you walk out!" 
Then I looked at her sign that said, 
Fire Drill Rules:
Walk out
Shut windows and doors
Then go to your line outside. 
Then I helped do all of that. 
by JAS 

K+M recess

K+M Recess
You might be wondering what is K+M recess? 
Well I will tell you! 
K+M Recess is on Fridays only. 
This is how K+M Recess works:
First we get back all of our homework and school work this week. 
We put it in a RED folder. Then we take out our LEARNING LOGS. 
We write about something we liked this week. 
I like K+M Recess! 
If I didn't I would not be writing this! 
Then once we write in our LEARNING LOGS we get a sheet and it tells you how to put the homework in order and what goes where. 
Then once we do that, we paper clip it in order and hand it in. 
After that we clean our desks.
We can then use ipads. At the end of the day we get our packet back and we see if we earned K+M Recess. 
by KH