Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mrs. Hasson came to visit our class today!
She was getting to know us as 4th graders!
She read a book called The Uncorker of the Ocean Bottles.

We also got to meet our HIGH SCHOOL mentor and former student of Mrs. Bucci --- Lilli!
She will be joining us almost weekly to work with small groups, provided one on one math support and be a great mentor! Ask your son/daughter about our great day !

Reading logs are DUE signed tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What a great start to the school year! Students have been busy getting to know one another as well as our classroom expectations. We have developed our classroom rules and they are easy to remember- the 3 Rs- Respect Yourself- Respect Others- and Respect the Environment. We all agree these will make our classroom a safe, happy, healthy place. 

With the start of the school year comes new routines and materials.  Last week we spent time setting up our Reader's Notebooks.  These composition books will support our Toolkit Lessons, Class Read Alouds, Independent Student Logs, as well as student Book Clubs. As we develop stronger reading skills- we will respond in verbal, written and even artistic creative responses. 

Fourth grade incorporates Maine History, Geography, Current Events and Culture. We have begun discussion on our field trips, hikes and adventures to come in the GREAT STATE OF MAINE study! 

Please continue to check your son/daughter's daily assignment and reading log ledger. These are to be returned signed weekly on Friday.